NOTICE: hitagiFS has moved to dantalian: See the README for details and reasons for move.
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NOTICE: I am going to be moving/renaming/discontinuing/refactoring hitagiFS to dantalian:

RATIONALE: hitagiFS is still in (early) development, even though it's done at its core. The original name stood for HIerarchical TAG File System, and in my initial design sketches, I meant to use FUSE as a core feature, hence "file system". However, now that's pretty irrelevant. Also, "file system" is starting to become a confusing term applied to the current design.

In addition, I plan on adding MANY more supporting features to hitagiFS/dantalian for media organization. At its core, it WILL remain a simple transparent tag-based organization paradigm as it is now, but I would like to add more (entirely optional) features to assist in media organization, such as tag parsing, duplicate detection, etc.

Hence the new planned name dantalian, named after the 71th Duke of Hell, listed in Ars Goetia. He teaches all arts and sciences, and knows the thoughts of all people. dantalian is a pretty nonindicative name, so there will be no more name changes in the future. I originally started this project with not much thought put into naming, as a "Why hasn't anyone done this yet? Screw it, I'm doing it NOW" type of reaction. Sorry for all the fuss.

MIGRATION: Simply rename .hitagifs to .dantalian in all hitagifs roots.