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Contributing to the MongoDB project

Pull requests are always welcome, and the MongoDB dev team appreciates any help the community can give to help make MongoDB better.

For any particular improvement you want to make, you can begin a discussion on the MongoDB Developers Forum. This is the best place discuss your proposed improvement (and its implementation) with the core development team.

Getting Started

JIRA Tickets

All commits to the MongoDB repository must reference an issue in the SERVER project of the MongoDB JIRA. Before creating any new tickets, please search the existing backlog for any open tickets that represent your change request. If there is not one, then you should create a new ticket.

For bugs, please clearly describe the issue you are resolving, including the platforms on which the issue is present and clear steps to reproduce.

For improvements or feature requests, be sure to explain the goal or use case and the approach your solution will take.

Style Guide

All commits to the MongoDB repository must follow the kernel development rules.

In particular, all code must follow the MongoDB kernel code style guidelines. For anything not covered in this document you should default to the Google CPP Style Guide and the Google JavaScript Style Guide.

Your commit message should also be prefaced with the relevant JIRA ticket, e.g. "SERVER-XXX Fixed a bug in aggregation".


Every non-trivial change to the code base should be accompanied by a relevant addition to or modification of the test suite. If you don't believe this is necessary, please add an explanation in the JIRA ticket why no such changes are either needed or possible.

All changes must also pass the full test suite (including your test additions/changes) on your local machine before you open a pull request.

Contributor Agreement

A patch will only be considered for merging into the upstream codebase after you have signed the contributor agreement.