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  • Onionimbus System - Common components, basic framework, and central location for project planning documents (i.e. this wiki)
  • Onionimbus Hub - Management center for a cluster
  • Onionimbus Node - Endpoint that handles the reverse proxy

Project Overview


To promote anonymous publishing, we are building a platform to resolve domain names to Tor Hidden Services. Anyone will be able to download our code and run their own Onionimbus cluster to offer dedicated reverse proxies for Hidden Services.

Onionimbus Clusters

To understand an Onionimbus cluster, picture a bicycle wheel: you have many spokes connecting the rim of the wheel to the central hub. Hidden Service operators interact with the hub; their visitors interact with the nodes. The central hub is used to manage the proxy configurations at each node. The nodes actually facilitate the reverse proxy into the Tor network. At no point is end-user traffic forwarded from the node to the hub.