Trivial jid-address-translating jabber transport
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== Description ==

That's trivial meta-component to proxy all incoming stanzas in following way:

<stanza from="" to="" />
<stanza from="user\" to="" />

<stanza from="" to="user\" />
<stanza from="" to="" />

This mapping is required to make services like accessible
with JIDs like The ugly hack is required for GTalk
users to be able to use various jabber transports. See following threads
for details:

Google engineers were informed about the problem long ago, but the issue
remained unfixed for more then half a year, so this meta-transport
appeared as a temporary workaround. See following links for technical

By the way, the issue was fixed quite soon after pymeta-t release.
Everything was working fine on 31st of May, 2009.
The problem arised from resolved on ~11th of June, 2009.

== Requirements ==

- jabber server supporting XEP-0114
  Tested with ejabberd-2.0.1

- python
  Tested with python-2.5.2

- twisted & twisted.words >= 8.0
  Tested with python-twisted-words-8.1.0

- Wokkel >= 0.6.0
  Tested with wokkel-0.6.0

The project itself is currently hosted at github:

== HOWTO ==

Edit your jabber server config, edit and run using
twistd in alike way:

# twistd \
         --logfile=/var/log/pymetat/pymetat.log \
         --pidfile=/var/run/pymetat/ \
         --uid=pymetat --gid=pymetat

See twistd(1) manpage for extra information about log rotation.

== Known glitches ==

gajim does not expect to see any services at JIDs like,
so it disables `register' button making the registration within
transport impossible. It is possible to register within transport using
Psi (

Psi has troubles while removing subscriptions from foo\
JIDs. See FS-963 for details:

You should be careful if you want to limit access to meta-transport
using ejabberd ACLs. You should remember that the trasnport uses same
domain both for incoming and for outgoing messages, moreover, incorrect
ACL setup may crash your ejabberd instance. See EJAB-930 for details:

== Author ==

Leonid Evdokimov