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EzFMDB (Easy FileMaker DB) is a Warpper Class that provide more friendly coding interface.

Sorry about my broken English, please see the code example for the detailed information.


  1. PHP 5.6+
  2. Enable cURL module in PHP
  3. Put FM_PHP_API lib into fm_api/ folder

★Query parameter

EzFMDB provide a series of parameter when calling select(), update(), delete() method.

Query parameter have 4 parts:

  1. WHERE Part, Keyword is WHERE or OMIT
  2. ORDER Part, Keyword is ORDER BY
  3. LIMIT Part, Keyword is LIMIT
  4. Escaping,The last parameter means whether escape special character or not.[boolean default:true]

LIMIT Part syntax: LIMIT skip [,max]

  • skip : number of record to skip (can be zero)
  • max : the maximum record number to get

There are two ways to use WHERE and ORDER Part:

  1. String-type : juset write a sql-like syntax string
  2. Array-type : the array-type parameter right after the keyword parameter.
	/* WHERE String-type  : conditions must be connected with "AND" */
	/* Supported operator :  = , < , > , <= , >=                 */
	$result = $db->delete("layout","WHERE name='filemaker' AND `The Version`<13");
	/* WHERE Array-type : use this way when field or value contains "AND" */
	/* Please note the difference between "=" and "==" operator */
	$result = $db->delete("layout",
			"WHERE", array( "name"=>"filemaker" , "The Version"=>"<13" )
	/* ORDER String-type */
	$result = $db->delete("layout","ORDER BY name ASC, `The Version` DESC");
	/* ORDER Array-type :  use this way when field name contains "," */
	$result = $db->delete("layout",
		"ORDER BY", array("name"=>"ASC", "The Version"=>"DESC")
  • Can be assigned multi-times, EzFMDB will apply all of them with the given order.
  • This is just act like "Perform Find[]" in FileMaker Script step.
  • There is no "NOT" operator
  • "WHERE" will search record from "All records" not from "Found set"
  • "OMIT" will remove record from "Found set"
idx name gender school age
1 A 1 NCKU 13
2 B 0 NTU 9
3 C 1 FHSH 8
4 D 1 MIT 31
5 E 0 NCKU 5
6 darkk6 0 NCKU 20
	$r = $db->delete("layout",
		"WHERE", array("age"=>">10"),		//found idx=1,4,6
		"WHERE school='NCKU' AND gender=0", //found idx=5,6
		"OMIT name='darkk6'"				//remove 6 from found set (idx=1,4,5,6)
	//Finally, this will find 3 records (idx=1,4,5) and then delete it.

For one group of WHERE part , the same field name can only be assign once.
You can use "OMIT" in condition :

	//We want to find records that : 0 < age < 10
	//Wrong : the condition will be only 'age>0'
	$r = $db->delete("layout",
		"WHERE", array( "age" => "<10" , "age" => ">0")
	//Correct : use OMIT
	$r = $db->delete("layout",
		"WHERE", array( "age" => "<10" ) ,	//Find age < 10
		"OMIT" , array( "age" => "<=0" )	//Remove age <=0


Creating EzFMDB object

	/** Use UTF-8 encoding when you use Non-English characters **/
	//Login with default user name "admin" and no password
	$db = new EzFMDB("http://YourHostOrIP","DataBase_Name");
	//Login with no password account
	$db = new EzFMDB("http://YourHostOrIP","DataBase_Name","UserName");
	//Login with specific password account
	$db = new EzFMDB("http://YourHostOrIP","DataBase_Name","UserName","Password");

Configure the object

setCastResult($boolean) : Cast type when getting data. [true]

  • The official FM API will return all data in string type.
  • EzFMDB will cast the data type to their actual type by default.

setCastTimesToInt($boolean) : Return unix timestamp when getting "time data".[false]

  • Work with : date, time, timestamp , ( in seconds )
  • If the fiels is empty , -1 will return.

setConvertTimesFormat($boolean) : Change date time format. [false]

  • Work with : date, timestamp
  • FM will return date type in "mm/dd/yyyy" , set to true if you want "yyyy/mm/dd"
  • The same concept in the date part of timestamp type field .

setContainerWithURL($boolean) : Convert container URL. [false]

setErrorAsString($boolean) : When return EzFMDB_ERR , set return with json string or array. [true]

  • Set to FALSE will return array when not assign getErrInfo "$json" parameter.

setDebug($param) : Set debug enabled or assign logger object

  • $param can be true/false or logger object
  • Give true/false to enable/disable debug mode.
  • Give logger object to change the logger object.
  • The logger object must have a public function named "log" with one string parameter.


@return FileMaker
Get official FileMaker object to access it's feature.

	$fm = $db->getFileMaker();
	$cmd = $fm->newFindAllCommand(...);


@return array( string )
Get all database names that you can access with current account and password.

	$list = $db->getDatabases();


@return int

Return value Meaning
0 Not an error Object
1 FileMaker_Error Object
2 EzFMDB_ERR Object

Check given object is FileMaker_Error or EzFMDB_ERR.

	$cmd = $db->delete("Layout");
	if( $db->isError($cmd) ){
		echo "Error occurred";


@return FileMaker_Error
Get last error object.

	$err = $db->getLastError();

getErrInfo($obj [,$json])

@param $obj FileMaker_Error object to be convert
@param $json return with json string, default value is depend on setErrorAsString() setting @return EzFMDB_ERR
Convert FileMaker_Error into EzFMDB_ERR. This method will return array when $json = false or null when the given object is not a FileMaker_Error .

	//Assume error 105 occurred
	$res = $db->getFileMaker()->getLayout("NotExistLayout");
	$err = $db->getErrInfo($res);
	// return {"ErrCode":105,"ErrMsg":"Layout is missing"}
	$err = $db->getErrInfo($res,false);
	// return array( "ErrCode"=>105 , "ErrMsg"=>"Layout is missing" )

FileMaker Error Code Reference


@return array( string )
Get layout name list from this database.

	$list = $db->getLayouts();


@return array( string )
Get script name list from this database.

	$list = $db->getScripts();


@return array( FieldInfo ) / EzFMDB_ERR
Get Field info from this layout. Each field have these info:

  • name : Name of field
  • repetition : repetition count of this field
  • type : field type (text,number,date,container...)
  • class : field class (normal,calculation,summary)
  • global : is field a global field
  • auto_enter : is field set auto-enter data
	$fieldsInfo = $db->getFields("LayoutName");


@return array( data ) / NULL
Get record [RecData][1] from given FileMaker_Result object.

	$dataSet = $db->getResult($fmResult);
		$dataSet = array(
			array(			// an array for each record
				"fm_recid" => Record_ID,
				"fieldName1" => record_value1,
				"fieldName2" => "record_value2",
				"fieldWithRepetition" => array(
							"Rep_Data1" , "Rep_Data2"....

[1]: Records returned from EzFMDB are all this format.

runScript($layout, $script [,$params [, ...] ])

@param $layout The layout name to perform this script
@param $script The script name to be performed
@param $param Parameters give to script. Multiple params are allowed. EzFMDB will combine them with \r (¶) symbol.
@return TRUE / EzFMDB_ERR , TRUE when success.
Perform a script, note that the value assigned in "Exit Script[]" will not pass to PHP.

	$isSuccess = $db->runScript("LayoutName","ScriptName");
	$isSuccess = $db->runScript("LayoutName","ScriptName","param1");
	$isSuccess = $db->runScript("LayoutName","ScriptName","arg1","arg2","arg3");
	$isSuccess = $db->runScript("LayoutName","ScriptName","data1\rdata2\rdata3");

When accessing data from layout , remember you must put those fields on the layout(include repetition fields). Or you will get a Field Missing Error.

select($layout , $fields [, QueryParameters ])

@param $layout Specific layout name
@param $fields Field name to be select. Can be sql-like sytax string or array
@QueryParameters See Query Parameters section
@return array( RecData ) / EzFMDB_ERR
Select specific records (according to QueryParameters ) from the layout. An empty array will return when no records are found.

idx name gender school age The Code
1 A 1 NCKU 1 33
2 B 0 NTU 9 445
3 C 1 FHSH 8 3
4 D 1 MIT 31 423
5 E 0 NCKU 5 76
6 darkk6 0 NCKU 20 234
	//Use sql like string in "fields" parameter
	$r = $db->select("LayoutName" , "name,`The Code`");
	//Use array-type in "fields" parameter, use this way when field name contains ","
	$r = $db->select("LayoutName" , array("name","The Code") );

	//Select all fields
	$r = $db->select("LayoutName" , "*" );
	//Select fm_recid only
	$r = $db->select("LayoutName" , "" );
	//More complex example
	$r = $db->select("LayoutName","*",
		"WHERE", array("age"=>"<10"),		//Find 1,2,3,5 ; Found set [1,2,3,5]
		"WHERE school='NCKU' AND gender=0", //Find 5,6     ; Found set [1,2,3,5,6]
		"OMIT name='darkk6'",				//Omit 6       ; Found set [1,2,3,5]
		"ORDER BY age ASC",					//Sort by "age" ascending  [1,5,3,2]
		"LIMIT 1,2"							//Skip 1 , max 2 [5,3]

update($layout , $fvPair [, QueryParameters ])

@param $layout Specific layout name
@param $fvPair sql-like sytax string or array (key:fieldName , value:value).
@QueryParameters See Query Parameters section
@return int / EzFMDB_ERR / array( EzFMDB_ERR )
Update all records that match the condition. This method will return affected record count or EzFMDB_ERR when error occurred.
The $fvPair parameter structure is the same as RecData.

	//update all Records set "name" to "darkk6" and "The Code" to "0"
	//NOTE : sql-like string doesn't support repetition field (will set the first repetition only)
	$r = $db->update("LayoutName" , "name='darkk6' , `The Code`=0");
	//Use this way if field name or value contains ","
	$r = $db->update("LayoutName" , 
						//repField[2] will remain, only update repField[1] and repField[3]
						"repField" => array( 0=>"Rep1_Data" , 2=>"Rep3_Data" ),
						"The Code"=>"0"

updateByRecID($layout, $fvPair, $rec_id [,$doEscape=true)

@param $layout Specific layout name
@param $fvPair See update() parameter info.
@param $rec_id Specific Record ID (fm_recid)
@param $doEscape Whether escape special character ot not.
@return TRUE / EzFMDB_ERR
Update record with specific Rec_ID, return TRUE when success.

	$r = $db->updateByRecID("LayoutName","name='darkk6',`The Code`=0",$fm_recid);
	$r = $db->updateByRecID("LayoutName",array( "name"=>"darkk6" ),$fm_recid);

delete($layout [, QueryParameters ])

@param $layout Specific layout name
@QueryParameters See Query Parameters section
@return int / EzFMDB_ERR / array( EzFMDB_ERR )
Update all records that match the condition. This method will return deleted record count or EzFMDB_ERR when error occurred.

	$r = $db->delete("LayoutName");
	$r = $db->delete("LayoutName","WHERE",array("name"=>"darkk6","The Code"=>"0"));

deleteByRecID($layout, $rec_id [,$doEscape=true])

@param $layout Specific layout name
@param $rec_id Specific Record ID (fm_recid)
@param $doEscape Whether escape special character ot not.
@return TRUE / EzFMDB_ERR
Delete record with specific Rec_ID, return TRUE when success.

	$r = $db->deleteByRecID("LayoutName",$fm_recid);

insert($layout,$fvPair, $doEscape=true)

@param $layout Specific layout name
@param $fvPair Only accept array-type parameter. See update() parameter info.
@param $doEscape Whether escape special character ot not.
@return TRUE / EzFMDB_ERR
Add a new record , return TRUE when success.

	$r = $db->insert("LayoutName",array( "name"=>"darkk6" ));