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(ns publicator.domain.abstractions.password-hasher
(:refer-clojure :exclude [derive])
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]))
;; check нужет, т.к. derive для одного и того же пароля может давать разные результаты,
;; т.к. результат может содержать случайную соль
(defprotocol PasswordHasher
(-derive [this password])
(-check [this attempt encrypted]))
(declare ^:dynamic *password-hasher*)
(s/def ::password string?)
(s/def ::encrypted string?)
(s/fdef derive
:args (s/cat :password ::password)
:ret ::encrypted
:fn #(not= (-> % :args :password)
(-> % :ret)))
(defn derive [password]
(-derive *password-hasher* password))
(s/fdef check
:args (s/cat :attempt ::password
:encrypted ::encrypted)
:ret boolean?)
(defn check [attempt encrypted]
(-check *password-hasher* attempt encrypted))
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