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Tool for converting Famitracker data to Ninja Gaiden format
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Tool for converting Famitracker data to Ninja Gaiden format

Original program created by FCandChill, modified by darkmoon2321. This program accepts text files containing Famitracker data for conversion into a format that can be understood by the Ninja Gaiden music engine. In Famitracker, select "File->Export text" and save the text file containing your data. Then open Program.cs and modify the ROM offset where you would like to place the sound data. The program output will be created in the same folder as the executable, with file names output.txt and linear_output.txt. The data in linear_output.txt can be copied directly into the ROM at the specified location. You may still need to update the pointers to the audio tracks located at xC78D.

To compile on linux you must first have Mono installed:

sudo apt install mono-devel

Or follow the directions at:

To compile NGMusicConvert from terminal using Mono:

mcs -pkg:dotnet Program.cs Constants.cs Master.cs MyConvert.cs SequenceLine.cs Effect.cs ReadFtmTXT.cs ConvertToNinjaGaiden.cs

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