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What is Dotclear?

Dotclear is an open source blog publishing application distributed under the GNU GPLv2.

It's proposed aim is to develop a software that fully respects web standards based on open source solutions, with multilingual interface and publishing capabilities. It is written in PHP.


How to use this image

docker run --name blog --link db_container:db -p 80:80 -d darknao/dotclear

You will need a database container using mysql or postgresql, with an already created database/user.

Dotclear data are stored in a volume on /var/www/html.

On the first run, you'll get a configuration wizard to set your database settings and create your config.php.

FPM variant

You can use this configuration file with nginx, for example.

Start the fpm container:

docker run --link mysqldb -d --name blog_fpm darknao/dotclear:fpm

Start nginx with a link to the fpm container (notice the fpm alias, it'll be used in the fpm.conf):

docker run -d -p 80:80 \
 --link blog_fpm:fpm \
 --name blog_nginx \
 -v $(pwd)/fpm.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:ro \
 --volumes-from blog_fpm  nginx

Dotclear upgrade

Upgrade should happen automagically if you run an up to date image on an existing volume:

docker run --volumes-from old_blog --link database -p 80:80 -d darknao/dotclear:latest
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