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Bruce Davidson

  • mobile (206) 372-8775

Technical Skillset


Windows, SAP, Linux


C, C++, C#, Coffeescript, CSS3, DEC Basic, Fortran, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Vala, VBA, XENTIS


MS SQL, MS Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL


Heroku, OpenShift, AppFog

Professional Experience

Dark Overlord of Data, Seattle WA - December 2011 - present

Responsible for architecture and design, as well as development, maintenance and administration of

Microsoft, Redmond WA - Jul 2007 – Mar 2011
Operations Engineer II

Lead IT build engineer responsible for design and implementation of SAP Security

As lead for vendor security resources in Redmond and India, I provided documentation and training on internal process and monitored results, giving feedback and guidance.

I had final responsibility for resolving all SAP Security issues escalated from the Tier II support team.

On various projects, I collaborated with the business IT to design and implement new end user and support roles.

I helped our test team to design test scripts for security related development, and to interpret the testing results.

I worked with internal audit and compliance teams to identify and remediate SOX concerns and Segregation of Duty conflicts in user roles.

I spearheaded the decision to replace rather, than upgrade our custom Web-based provisioning application. By doing a feature by feature gap analysis to off-the-shelf tools I influenced the decision to use SAP GRC. I was then part of the project team to convert the custom tool to GRC, in the role of user acceptance tester.

Microsoft, Redmond WA - Jul 1998 – Jun 2007
Application Support Analyst

Tier II support, responsible for resolving issues escalated from Tier I (Help Desk).

I authored knowledge base articles for Help Desk in-house self-service tools.

On the Treasury project, I implemented new roles for use by the Banking module users, and provided security support for integration testing and user acceptance testing.

I designed and wrote the functional spec for an automated de-provisioning process using an HR feed to cancel terminated user accounts. For manual audit of this process, I also developed a Web based report application of all provisioned users across several SAP platforms.

I collaborated on a team to design our custom Web-based provisioning to include Segregation of Duty check and password reset.

I researched a proposed conversion from profiles to Role Based Access Control, and was a member of the subsequent project to convert us to an RBAC based infrastructure.

A member of the on call support team for SAP batch job stream issues.

Facilitated the weekly change management meeting that approved all application changes and batch job changes.

I was responsible for applying SAP support packs as part of a quarterly rollout cycle.

I designed an automated update process from SAP to a SharePoint portal, reporting monthly growth rate for SAP master data tables.

SolutionsIQ, Redmond WA - Jul 1996 – Jun 1998
Microsoft contract

During the Microsoft SAP Implementation project, I was a member of the Basis team, responsible for Corrections and Transport, the SAP package management system.

To support the release, I developed a VB6 application that automated the transport process, averaging 60 transports a day during the height of the project.

This application tracked all transports in a database that we used for resolving transport conflicts, and as a basis for project metrics.

SolutionsIQ, Redmond WA - May 1995 – Jul 1996
Microsoft contract

As a ROSS/GL legacy support analyst, I provided application support to corporate finance users at Microsoft.

I wrote several monthly summarization sales reports tracking sales by Microsoft subsidiaries.

I wrote an application to aid IT with internal FI reporting distribution, preventing duplication and cutting down on paper printing.

JM Business Enterprise, Seattle WA - Feb 1992 – Apr 1995
System Administrator/Developer

As IT manager for a sportswear distributor, I was responsible for hardware maintenance contracts, purchasing supplies, and hiring 2 assistants.

Drove reporting improvements to increase availability and reliability of inventory position data, with a corresponding reduction in our paper printing costs.

I collaborated with the buyer to design reporting to aid buying decisions by spotting trends and help us to avoid stock outs.

Drove online archiving of prior years data for improved management reporting.

JM Business Enterprise, Seattle WA - Feb 1989 – Apr 1992
Application Developer for a major West Coast sportswear distributor

I was a combination application support and maintenance programmer on an existing PDP-11 installation. My duties included inventory control, ensuring that the database reflected real stock levels, as well as proving support to fulfillment personnel.

As we the upgraded to VAX/VMS, I worked with a consultant to customize Fenix Group ERP software to meet the needs of the apparel industry.

After go-live, I drove improvements in the Inventory Management module to automate the annual physical inventory process, driving down costs and increasing accuracy.

I wrote and automated shipping solution to weigh and sticker packages to UPS specifications. The application was implemented as a VT-100 terminal emulator running on a PC, which communicated to both the warehouse scales and the VAX mainframe, keeping shipping information up to date.

Mountain States Plan Services, Phoenix AZ - Apr 1985 – Nov 1988
Business Analyst/Developer

Designed and developed an automated insurance proposal rating program to provide group health and life insurance quotes for a variety of carriers, including Nationwide and Allstate.

Maintained an automated claims payment process system.

Dan R Wagnon & Associates, Phoenix AZ - Jul 1980 – Mar 1985

Developed an automated billing system for third party insurance administration for a company that was moving from an manual paper driven process to a computerized process.

Wrote a broker commissions package to automate check writing of monthly payments to insurance agents and produce yearly 1099's and associated reporting.

Wrote a payable package to automate monthly payments to the insurance carriers, accompanied with EDI transmittal via magnetic tape.

Lead developer on a team to implement automated claims processing.