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J-Stack AwesomeKB

Your own, private, available from anywhere, 24x7, 2FA Knowledge Base!



The Jaguar Stack AwesomeKB is a small project that solves a pain point in relation to free, private, secure and flexible knowledge documentation. It's based in Docker to provide abstraction and versatility as well as easy deployment. The KB is comprised of the following elements:

  • Docker for isolation, security, simplicity
  • Sphinx to build the documentation from .rst or .md files as well as full-text search
  • Authelia for 2FA and Granular Access Control
  • AWS for continuous availability and EC2 free-tier facility
  • LDAP server for basic IAM (you can create users and control their access to one or many KBs as well as sections within them)
  • NGINX to serve the KBs as well as reverse-proxy abstraction
  • Redis and Mongo (required by Authelia)

I’ve kept multiple types of KBs along the years: word documents, simple text files, OneNote, privately hosted wikis, etc. The problem with these solutions is that they are either not scalable (simple documents), not available from everywhere (locally hosted), not elegant (wikis), cumbersome (OneNote), not free (private ReadTheDocs), not automation-friendly (most of them), not code friendly (some of them). I needed a solution that complied with the following requirements:

  1. Markdown AND reStructuredText friendly
  2. Programmatic, that is, allowing automation of some or all of the processes involved in producing documentation
  3. Code friendly (GitHub, GitLab)
  4. Graph friendly (I would like to be able to embed/display plotly-style graphs created with my Jupyter Notebooks)
  5. Secure: 2FA
  6. Flexible Access Control and Identity Management: what if I want to give someone access to a subsection of my KB?
  7. Available 24x7x365
  8. Full Text Search
  9. Version Control
  10. FREE! Yes, as in what William Wallace wanted for Scotland. If not completely free, at least at the lowest cost possible.
  11. Low footprint (ideally running on less than 512MB RAM)

How to deploy it?

There is an article in that is a companion to this repo were I explain with great detail how to deploy your own AwesomeKB. Please check it out here:

Easy Deploy

[this is a snip from the article referenced above] You can easily have your KB up and running by following these two steps:

  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone
  2. Deploy it all:

    cd jstack-awesomekb
    sudo ./ deploy-all

This will get your KB up and running!

You still need to do some basic config as per here but it's easy stuff.


All I’ve done is cobbling up some things together in an attempt of doing some SecDevOps work. Credit goes in all honesty to:

  • Authelia developer, Clément Michaud who not only created the app but also already had a docker-compose with the initial features configured.
  • Carlos Perez (darkoperator) who inspired me to pursue the automation way for KBs in his article.
  • Docker and Sphinx community
  • (oh yeah!)


Your Free, 24x7, Private, Cloud-Based, 2FA-Protected Knowledge Base!




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