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DOOPHP Web Framework
Thank you for using DooPHP - a high performance MVC based PHP framework.
Please make sure the release file is unpacked under a Web-accessible
directory. You have to put it under the root directory for the app & demos to work.
You shall see the following files and directories:
demos/ demos
dooframework/ framework source files
app/ base of a project
LICENSE.txt license of DooPHP
README.txt this file
CHANGELOG.txt changes made in this version
If you placed it elsewhere, please change the app or demos configurations in protected/config/common.conf.php
$config['SITE_PATH'] = 'C:/wamp/www/myfolderapp/';
$config['BASE_PATH'] = 'C:/wamp/www/dooframework/';
If your app is in a sub directory, please change the following setting:
$config['SUBFOLDER'] = '/myfolderapp/';
*This example can be accessed at http://localhost/myfolderapp/
More details on installation can be found at
The minimum requirement by DooPHP is that your Web server supports
PHP 5.1.x or above. DooPHP has been tested with Apache 2 and Cherokee Web Server
on Windows and Linux operating systems.
To use the database ORM you have to enable PDO extension.
DooPHP comes with a directory call 'app'. It is the basic of a DooPHP application.
Change the Site path and project path configurations in /protected/config/common.conf.php
The default configuration is for development purpose.
Please visit the project website for tutorials, class reference
and join discussions with other DooPHP users.
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