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A very basic Web GUI to drive a rotctld rotator.
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Basic Rotctld Web GUI

Mark Jessop 2018-07-07

This repository contains a very basic rotctld control web interface, targeted for use on a mobile browser. I wrote this out of a need to have an easy way to test a new az/el rotator while on a roof, with the controller down in my radio shack.

It is in no way polished, and likely has some interesting bugs (particulatly if multiple clients are connected). Take caution when using it to control expensive antenna arrays!!!


  • Python (2.7, until I fix things)
  • Python Modules: flask, flask-socketio (can obtain using pip)


  • Start rotctld (refer rotctld documentation)
  • python
  • Navigate to http://localhost:5001/ (or equivalent IP)

Run python --help for command line options:

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