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PBJ is a really tiny, stupid image format for (monochrome) bitmaps. It's comparable to the PBM file format but it's even more trivial. The format goes like this:

  1. The width of the image as an unsigned, little-endian 16-bit integer.
  2. The height of the image as an unsigned, little-endian 16-bit integer.
  3. The bits of the image, ordered from left to right and top to bottom, packed eight to a byte. If the number of bits in an image is not an even multiple of eight, the extraneous bits in the last byte of the image are ignored.

It's not a very space-efficient format, but that's why God invented GZIP. If you pass this library a file ending in ".pbj.gz" or ".pbjz", it will decompress it for you.

We have, at times, used it in place of PNGs as a storage format since it's much more efficient to work with.


To the extend possible by law, The Dark Sky Company, LLC has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this library.