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;;; cheatsheet.el --- create your own cheatsheet
;; Copyright (C) 2015 Shirin Nikita and contributors
;; Author: Shirin Nikita <> and contributors
;; URL:
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "24") (cl-lib "0.5"))
;; Version: 1.0
;; Keywords: convenience, usability
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs
;;; Licence:
;; Licensed under the same terms as Emacs.
;;; Commentary:
;; Quick start:
;; Load package
;; Add your first cheat:
;; (cheatsheet-add :group 'Common
;; :key "C-x C-c"
;; :description "leave Emacs.")
;; Run (cheatsheet-show) and enjoy looking at your own Emacs cheatsheet.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(defface cheatsheet-group-face
'((t :foreground "red"))
"Group name font face.")
(defface cheatsheet-key-face
'((t :foreground "orange"))
"Cheat key font face.")
(defvar cheatsheet--cheat-list '()
"List of cheats.")
;; Getters for CHEAT and GROUP plists
(defun cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (string-like)
"Convert STRING-LIKE to string."
(if (symbolp string-like) (symbol-name string-like) string-like))
(defun cheatsheet--group-name (group)
"Get GROUP name."
(cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (plist-get group :name)))
(defun cheatsheet--group-cheats (group)
"Get GROUP cheats."
(cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (plist-get group :cheats)))
(defun cheatsheet--cheat-key (cheat)
"Get CHEAT key."
(cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (plist-get cheat :key)))
(defun cheatsheet--cheat-group (cheat)
"Get CHEAT group."
(cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (plist-get cheat :group)))
(defun cheatsheet--cheat-description (cheat)
"Get CHEAT description."
(cheatsheet--if-symbol-to-string (plist-get cheat :description)))
;; Functions to get data from CHEATSHEET in convenient format
(defun cheatsheet--cheat-groups ()
"Get all groups, submitted to cheatsheet."
(reverse (delete-dups
(mapcar 'cheatsheet--cheat-group
(defun cheatsheet--get-group (group)
"Get group struct with all cheats, belonging to GROUP."
(cl-flet ((is-current-group (cheat)
(if (string= (cheatsheet--cheat-group cheat)
(delq nil (mapcar #'is-current-group cheatsheet--cheat-list))))
;; Functions to format cheatsheet items and prepare to print
(defun cheatsheet--format-cheat (cheat key-cell-length)
"Format CHEAT row with KEY-CELL-LENGTH key cell length."
(let* ((format-string (format "%%%ds - %%s\n" key-cell-length))
(key (cheatsheet--cheat-key cheat))
(description (cheatsheet--cheat-description cheat))
(faced-key (propertize key 'face 'cheatsheet-key-face)))
(format format-string faced-key description)))
(defun cheatsheet--format-group (group)
"Format GROUP to table."
(cl-flet ((key-length (cheat) (length (cheatsheet--cheat-key cheat)))
(format-cheat (key-cell-length cheat)
(cheatsheet--format-cheat cheat key-cell-length)))
(let* ((name (cheatsheet--group-name group))
(cheats (cheatsheet--group-cheats group))
(key-max-length (apply 'max (mapcar #'key-length cheats)))
(key-cell-length (+ 2 key-max-length))
(format-cheat (apply-partially #'format-cheat key-cell-length))
(formatted-cheats (apply 'concat (mapcar format-cheat cheats)))
(faced-group-name (propertize name 'face 'cheatsheet-group-face)))
(concat faced-group-name "\n" formatted-cheats "\n"))))
(defun cheatsheet--format ()
"Print the whole cheatsheet."
(let* ((cheatsheet (cheatsheet-get))
(formatted-groups (mapcar 'cheatsheet--format-group cheatsheet))
(formatted-cheatsheet (apply 'concat formatted-groups)))
;; Interface
(defun cheatsheet-add (&rest cheat)
"Add CHEAT to cheatsheet."
(add-to-list 'cheatsheet--cheat-list cheat))
(defun cheatsheet-get ()
"Get cheatsheet as list of group structs, keeping defining order."
(cl-flet ((make-group (group)
(list :name group
:cheats (cheatsheet--get-group group))))
(mapcar #'make-group (cheatsheet--cheat-groups))))
(defun cheatsheet-add-group (group &rest cheats)
"Add cheats to the same group."
(mapcar #'(lambda (cheat)
(apply 'cheatsheet-add
(append `(:group ,group) cheat)))
(defun cheatsheet-show ()
"Create buffer and show cheatsheet."
(switch-to-buffer-other-window "*cheatsheet*")
(insert (cheatsheet--format))
(setq buffer-read-only t))
(define-derived-mode cheatsheet-mode fundamental-mode "Cheat Sheet"
"Set major mode for viewing cheat sheets.")
(define-key cheatsheet-mode-map (kbd "C-q") 'kill-buffer-and-window)
(provide 'cheatsheet)
;;; cheatsheet.el ends here
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