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Simple Chess Engine

Still in development during my free time, a chess engine with a simple interface that can be easily integrated in your own C chess program.

Features currently implemented:

  • tests for bitboards, placement of pieces, legal moves

  • create bitboards out of your own representation of a chessboard

  • more complete structure for a test of legal moves, which checks if moves from real games are considered legal

  • not yet optimised bitboard infrastructure to represent a chessboard:

  • search algorithm

  • negamax + alpha/beta pruning
  • special moves:
  • en passant capture
  • castling
  • evaluation function

  • moves

  • pawns movements/attacks
  • kings movements/attacks
  • knight movements/attacks
  • rook movements/attacks
  • bishop movements/attacks
  • queen movements/attacks


  • improve chessboard querying

  • finish up the test for legal moves

  • special moves:

  • promotion alpha