@hanatos hanatos released this Mar 1, 2015 · 361 commits to darktable-1.6.x since this release

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this is another point release in the stable 1.6.x series.

sha256sum darktable-1.6.3.tar.xz

sha256sum darktable-1.6.3.dmg


  • Make camera import window transient
  • Allow soft limits on radius
  • Fix soft boundaries for black in exposure
  • Change order of the profile/intent combo in export dialog
  • Support read/write of chromaticities in EXR
  • Allow to default to :memory: db in config
  • Add mime handler for non-raw image file formats
  • Improved lens model name detection for Sony SAL lenses

Bug fixes:

  • Fix buffer overrun in SSE clipping loop for highlight handling
  • Prevent exporting when an invalid export/storage is selected
  • Hopefully last fix for aspect ratios in crop and rotate (#9942)
  • No tooltip when dragging in monochrome (#10319)

RAW support:

  • Panasonic LX100 (missing non-standard aspect ratio modes)
  • Panasonic TZ60
  • Panasonic FZ1000
  • Canon 1DX (missing sRAW modes)
  • Canon A630 and SX110IS (CHDK RAW)

white balance presets

  • Panasonic FZ1000
  • Panasonic TZ60
  • Panasonic LX100

standard matrix

  • Canon Rebel T3 (non-european 1100D)

enhanced matrix

  • nikon d750

noise profiles:

  • Canon EOS 1DX