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LabelsToTags.lua Fix LabelsToTags for Lua 5.3 Jan 23, 2018
README Add Caps to the READMEs Dec 10, 2014
autostyle.lua Change logging May 9, 2018
clear_GPS.lua added {5,0,0} to the check_version Jan 2, 2018
copy_attach_detach_tags.lua Remove trailing whitespaces. Apr 10, 2017
cr2hdr.lua corrected "dt" to "darktable" in line 63 of cr2hdr Aug 3, 2018
fujifilm_ratings.lua added {5,0,0} to the check_version Jan 2, 2018
geoJSON_export.lua check result from io.popen("xdg-user-dir DESKTOP") Sep 26, 2017
geoToolbox.lua added {5,0,0} to the check_version Sep 26, 2017
gimp.lua Removed unneeded require for yield, since it now in lib/dtutils.system Aug 7, 2018
gpx_export.lua gpx_export.lua: Create a separate <trk> for each source folder Jun 24, 2018
hugin.lua single quoted filename arguments to the hugin commands for the suppli… May 15, 2018
image_stack.lua Added path separator constant and used it where necessary. Added comm… Aug 22, 2018
kml_export.lua Formatted code to follow project settings Jan 15, 2018
passport_guide.lua Translatable by using gettext Apr 22, 2017
pdf_slideshow.lua Ensure that a dot is used for decimal numbers. Apr 15, 2017
quicktag.lua Move all translation into the main locale directory. Apr 10, 2017
rate_group.lua added {5,0,0} to the check_version Jan 2, 2018
rename-tags.lua Found a way to access only the images tagged with the old tag instead… Sep 12, 2018
select_untagged.lua Remove require Sep 14, 2017
slideshowMusic.lua added {5,0,0} to the check_version Jan 2, 2018
video_mencoder.lua check result from io.popen("xdg-user-dir VIDEOS") Sep 26, 2017


Scripts in this folder are meant to have an "owner" who maintains them.