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import darkleaks
import shutil
import os
import hashlib
source_filename = "ROJAVA"
chunks_directory = "./test/"
number_chunks = 20
def setup_testdir(path):
if os.path.isdir(path):
def checksum(filename):
f = open(filename)
return hashlib.sha1(
print "Digest of source file:", checksum(source_filename)
actual_chunks = darkleaks.start(source_filename, chunks_directory, 20)
print "Created", actual_chunks, "chunks."
# Now the chunks are passed around on BitTorrent...
# The block comes and is mined. Now we have the block_hash.
block_hash = "000000000000000014d8d1db40f33e87e8c9c5f37accb2718d40a7a1860b98c4".decode("hex")
# The leaker promised beforehand to release 10 chunks, so based
# off the block hash he now releases the pubkeys for those.
# Users can:
# A) see that the donate addresses are generated from these
# pubkeys as specified per chunk.
# B) see that the pubkeys are actually used to decrypt the chunks.
# The leaker cannot preselect which chunks will get selected for
# revealing, only the number (which he announced publically).
proofs = darkleaks.prove(
source_filename, number_chunks, block_hash, number_chunks)
# NOTE: in this example we simply will publish the proofs for all
# chunks. Normally you use to get the pubkeys you
# need to unlock chunks.
# Just iterate chunk files.
for i, pubkey in proofs:
chunk_filename = chunks_directory + "CHUNK." + str(i)
darkleaks.unlock(chunk_filename, pubkey, ".decrypted")
# Now lets stitch the files back together to compare the result.
output_filename = chunks_directory + "OUTPUT"
data = ""
for i in range(actual_chunks):
decrypted_file = chunks_directory + "CHUNK." + str(i) + ".decrypted"
data += open(decrypted_file).read()
# OK, now as part of our test in this demo we want to compare both
# files, so lets detect the size of the source file and then remove
# the extra padding from the output file.
source_size = len(open(source_filename).read())
# Trim the fat.
data = data[:source_size]
# Write it out.
f = open(output_filename, "w").write(data)
print "Rebuilt file digest:", checksum(output_filename)
# Finally the leaker can run this to get the private keys so he
# can claim the Bitcoins when people send for unlocking chunks.
secret_keys = darkleaks.secrets(source_filename, number_chunks)