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We love Bitcoin, and the power it gives for trade and social connections. There is so much untapped power in Bitcoin. You know the saying "we only use 10% of our brain's power"? We probably use less than 1% of what is possible with Bitcoin!

We want to start with a simple premise: Bitcoin in your browser. We want a beautiful experience with privacy features built in by default.

This wallet will serve as a platform or a starting codebase to deliver a high quality Bitcoin that serves the people.


You can load the extension into Chrome by going to Extensions, enabling Development mode and clicking the Load uncompressed extension button.


We're still in alpha state, that means we're still changing things a lot and it's not safe at all to use the wallet. More information at:

You are very welcome to test, just remember the following:

  • Write down your seed and be always ready to use it to restore the identity.
  • First thing you should do is get familiar with creating and restoring an identity.
  • You can do: "create new identity", choose same name as before and restore, this will upgrade your store (you will still need to re add pockets and addresses, contacts etc...)
  • If you notice strange behaviour after upgrading, you should:
    1. Restart the background process from darkwallet (from "manage extensions")
    2. If that doesn't work: Clear Darkwallet storage, (from darkwallet settings), restart chromium

We have been following this procedure since the wallet is under development without problems.

Remember: Your funds are safe as long as you don't lose your seed to restore later.

Other than that we're not making many guarantees.


You are welcome to participate in the development by contributing or forking the code at:

More info about how to develop on the document.

Other useful documents are: HD Structure, How to Help and Debugging


Changes to translations as well as new translations can be submitted to Darkwallet's Transifex page.

Translations are periodically pulled from Transifex and merged into the git repository.

Important: We do not accept translation changes as GitHub pull requests because the next pull from Transifex would automatically overwrite them again.


Use the following resources for communication with "the team"


See the license here

Support Us!

Support our development efforts by donating to the darkwallet multisig:



I went to the store the other day to buy a bolt for our front door, for as I told the storekeeper, the governor was coming here. "Aye," said he, "and the Legislature too." "Then I will take two bolts," said I. He said that there had been a steady demand for bolts and locks of late, for our protectors were coming.

-- Henry David Thoreau

Darkwallet Team