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MooTools Website '2.0'

This is the repository for the proposed new MooTools website.

Currently the requirements to get running locally are:

  • PHP 5.3.2
  • MySQL for Wordpress (our blog) not actually required to work on early milestones
  • Java for SOLR (our search engine) not actually required to work on early milestones

A quick peek

Here's a nice screenshot of the direction we're taking.

Design 'Assets'

You can find all the files we're working with in the 'DESIGN ASSETS' folder.

If you work in a specific application please place it in a folder that relates to the application used. Eg currently we have Photoshop CS5 files and Fireworks CS3 files.

Fireworks files are preferable because they are easier to cut up - it is sometimes extremely difficult to get the exact colour, for example, of an element when several filters are applied or multiple layers are involved in Photoshop files.

More preferable still are sprite files with icons / logos etc exported as the designer wishes them to be used on the web. We can worry about optimisation later so feel free to make them as high-quality as possible for now.

As it will be almost impossible to 'merge' PSD or PNG files in git please use some kind of versioning by renaming the file, eg if you 'fork' 'Layout 2011.psd' consider something like 'Layout-2011-fakedarren-01-10-2011.psd' or something.

What to work on?

I have created milestones and individual tasks in Issues. These tickets are filed against milestones in the order required for completion, so whilst we welcome any work on future milestones, and feel free to submit and comment on issues in future milestones, it is unlikely any pull requests for future milestones will be accepted until the current one is complete. Some are not mutually exclusive so for instance once we compete 'Basics' we can work on 'Documentation Runner' and 'Demo Runner' in parallel.

What do I get for all this hard work?

Our eternal gratitude, a link on every page to the relevant section on the (soon-to-be-newly-designed) mootools community page and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.