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Lets you easily create metaboxes with custom fields that will blow your mind.
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Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress


Version: 1.0.1
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 3.8
License: GPLv2


Custom Metaboxes and Fields (CMB for short) will create metaboxes with custom fields that will blow your mind.

New in version 1.0.0:

  • Bring your metaboxes to the frontend.
  • Create metaboxes to handle user meta and display them on user profile add/edit pages. Or even on the front-end.
Field Types:
  • text (optionally repeatable)
  • text small (optionally repeatable)
  • text medium (optionally repeatable)
  • text url (optionally repeatable)
  • text email (optionally repeatable)
  • text money (optionally repeatable)
  • date picker
  • date picker (unix timestamp)
  • date time picker combo (unix timestamp)
  • date time picker with time zone combo (serialized DateTime object)
  • time zone dropdown
  • time picker
  • color picker
  • textarea
  • textarea small
  • textarea code
  • select
  • radio
  • radio inline
  • taxonomy radio
  • taxonomy select
  • checkbox
  • multicheck
  • Image/file upload
  • oEmbed

More on field types (GitHub wiki)


This script is easy to install. If you can't figure it out you probably shouldn't be using it.

  1. Place metabox directory inside of your (activated) theme. E.g. inside /themes/twentyten/lib/metabox/.
  2. Include init.php (preferably on the 'init' WordPress hook).
  3. See example-functions.php for further guidance.
  4. Profit.

Known Issues

  • Problem inserting file url inside field for image with caption (issue #50) May be fixed, needs testing.
  • CMB_META_BOX_URL does not define properly in WAMP/XAMP (Windows) (issue #31) May be fixed, needs testing.
  • Metabox containing WYSIWYG editor cannot be moved (this is a TinyMCE issue)


  • Fix known issues (above)
  • move timepicker and datepicker jQuery inline
  • support for multiple configurable timepickers/datepickers
  • add ability to save fields in a single custom field
  • add ability to mark fields as required
  • repeatable fields (halfway there)
  • look at possiblity of tabs
  • look at preserving taxonomy hierarchies
  • Add input attributes filter
  • Always load newest version of CMB



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wysiwyg editor button padding. props @corvannoorloos
  • A few php < 5.3 errors were addressed.
  • Fields with quotation marks no longer break the input/textarea fields.
  • metaboxes for Attachment pages now save correctly. Thanks @nciske for reporting.
  • Occasionally fields wouldn't save because of the admin show_on filter.
  • Smaller images loaded to the file field type will no longer be blown up larger than their dimensions.


  • Now works with option pages and site settings. (view example in wiki)
  • two filters to override the setting and getting of options, cmb_override_option_get_$option_key and cmb_override_option_save_$option_key respectively. Handy for using plugins like WP Large Options (also here).
  • Improved styling on taxonomy (*tease*) and options pages and for new 3.8 admin UI.
  • New sanitization class to sanitize data when saved.
  • New callback field parameter, sanitization_cb, for performing your own sanitization.
  • new cmb_Meta_Box_types::esc() method that handles escaping data for display.
  • New callback field parameter, escape_cb, for performing your own data escaping, as well as a new filter, 'cmb_types_esc_'. $field['type'].


  • Added text_datetime_timestamp_timezone type, a datetime combo field with an additional timezone drop down, props @dessibelle
  • Added select_timezone type, a standalone time zone select dropdown. The time zone select can be used with standalone text_datetime_timestamp if desired. Props @dessibelle
  • Added text_url type, a basic url field. Props @dessibelle
  • Added text_email type, a basic email field. Props @dessibelle
  • Added ability to display metabox fields in frontend. Default is true, but can be overriden using the cmb_allow_frontend filter. If set to true, an entire metabox form can be output with the cmb_metabox_form( $meta_box, $object_id, $echo ) function. Props @dessibelle, @messenlehner & @jtsternberg.
  • Added hook cmb_after_table after all metabox output. Props @wpsmith
  • file_list now works like a repeatable field. Add as many files as you want. Props @coreymcollins
  • text, text_small, text_medium, text_url, text_email, & text_money fields now all have the option to be repeatable. Props @jtsternberg
  • Custom metaboxes can now be added for user meta. Add them on the user add/edit screen, or in a custom user profile edit page on the front-end. Props @tw2113, @jtsternberg


  • Added field "before" and "after" options for each field. Solves issue with '$' not being the desired text_money monetary symbol, props @GaryJones
  • Added filter for 'std' default fallback value, props @messenlehner
  • Ensure oEmbed videos fit in their respective metaboxes, props @jtsternberg
  • Fixed issue where an upload field with 'show_names' disabled wouldn't have the correct button label, props @jtsternberg
  • Better file-extension check for images, props @GhostToast
  • New filter, cmb_valid_img_types, for whitelisted image file-extensions, props @jtsternberg


  • Added field type and field id classes to each cmb table row, props @jtsternberg


  • Added post type comparison to prevent storing null values for taxonomy selectors, props @norcross


  • Added oEmbed field type with ajax display, props @jtsternberg


  • Note: This release requires WordPress 3.3+
  • Cleaned up scripts being queued, props @jaredatch
  • Cleaned up and reorganized jQuery, props @GaryJones
  • Use $pagenow instead of custom $current_page, props @jaredatch
  • Fixed CSS, removed inline styles, now all in style.css, props @jaredatch
  • Fixed multicheck issues (issue #48), props @jaredatch
  • Fixed jQuery UI datepicker CSS conflicting with WordPress UI elements, props @jaredatch
  • Fixed zeros not saving in fields, props @GaryJones
  • Fixed improper labels on radio and multicheck fields, props @jaredatch
  • Fixed fields not rendering properly when in sidebar, props @jaredatch
  • Fixed bug where datepicker triggers extra space after footer in Firefox (issue #14), props @jaredatch
  • Added jQuery UI datepicker packaged with 3.3 core, props @jaredatch
  • Added date time combo picker, props @jaredatch
  • Added color picker, props @jaredatch
  • Added markdown file, props @jaredatch


  • Added jQuery timepicker, props @norcross
  • Added 'raw' textarea to convert special HTML entities back to characters, props @norcross
  • Added missing examples on example-functions.php, props @norcross


  • Added the new wp_editor() function for the WYSIWYG dialog box, props @jcpry
  • Created 'cmb_show_on' filter to define your own Show On Filters, props @billerickson
  • Added page template show_on filter, props @billerickson
  • Improvements to the 'file' field type, props @randyhoyt
  • Allow for default values on 'radio' and 'radio_inline' field types, props @billerickson


  • Enabled the ability to define your own custom field types (issue #28). props @randyhoyt


  • Added the ability to limit metaboxes to certain posts by id. props @billerickson


  • Fixed define to prevent notices. props @destos
  • Added text_date_timestap option. props @andrewyno
  • Fixed WYSIWYG paragraph breaking/spacing bug. props @wpsmith
  • Added taxonomy_radio and taxonomies_select options. props @c3mdigital
  • Fixed script causing the dashboard widgets to not be collapsible.
  • Fixed various spacing and whitespace inconsistencies


  • Think we have a release that is mostly working. We'll say the initial release :)
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