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ReSpec Documentation

This repository holds the documentation for ReSpec, which is published on its own web site.


If you wish to contribute to these documents, you may simply clone this repository, make edits, and file some pull requests. That's all that's really needed.

If your contributions include changes to the look and feel, behaviour, build system, etc. then you will need a little bit more. First, get the dependencies:

npm install -d

Building the documentation is simple:

node tools/build.js

If you are making incremental changes and are getting tired of having to run the build script every time to see if the result matches your expectations, you can use nodemon. Install it thusly:

npm install -g nodemon

And run it with:

nodemon -w beryl -w src -w tools -e js,css,html,less tools/build.js 

Note that even with nodemon running, generating the whole build may still take a few seconds and so if you edit and reload too fast you might not see the changes. Just chill and reload again.

What to edit

The source documents are in src and the examples are in examples. Do not edit the documents at the root as they are generated and will get overwritten.

The contents of css and js are also generated, so don't touch those either.

The beryl directory contains the definition for the specific variant of ReSpec used in this documentation. It will eventually be moved to its own repository, but in the meantime if you need changes to the functionality or style sheet, that's the place to look.

The build system is in tools. It is a bit of a kludge; I plan to replace it with Grunt as soon as I'm sure of what it really needs to do.

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