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@darold darold released this Mar 18, 2019

2019-03-18 version 7.1

This version fixes some bugs reported by users since previous release
and add a new configure option to set the search path to libarchive
header file.

  * Add --with-libarchive configure option to specify where to find
    archive.h. It is searched in /usr/include and /usr/local/include
    by default, if the header file is not in these directory you must
    use this option. Example: ./configure --with-libarchive=/opt/csw.

Full list of changes:

  - Fix some compilation warnings.
  - Fix typos/translation error. Thanks to Yuri Voinov for the patch.
  - Allow base dir to --with-libarchive option, /opt/csw/ instead of
    /opt/csw/include. Thanks to Yuri Voinov for the report.
  - Fix formatting of configure usage output. Thanks to Yuri Voinov
    for the report.
  - Defined max() macro even if libarchive is not used. Thanks to Yuri
    Voinov for the report.
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@darold darold released this Mar 16, 2019

2019-03-16 version 7.0

This major version adds some useful features, new configuration directives
and fix some bugs reported by users since previous release.

New features are:

  * New scan mode. By default squidclamav scan everything excepted the
    exclusions defined in 'abort', 'abortcontent', 'whitelist', 'trustuser'
    and 'trustclient' configuration directives. There is now a mode where
    squidclamav will scan nothing excepted the inclusions defined with
    directives 'scan', 'scancontent', 'blacklist', 'untrustuser' and
    'untrustclient'. The scan mode is controlled by a new configuration
    directive 'scan_mode'. Possible values are 'ScanAllExcept' (the default)
    and 'ScanNothingExcept'.

  * Add support to libarchive to be able to ban archive with some suspect
    files inside that are not detected by ClamAv. This feature is disabled
    by default and can be enable using 'enable_libarchive'. The ban archive
    can be stored to be recovered by the user through the redirect CGI script
    if directive 'recoverpath' is set.

  * An archive banned by libarchive can be recovered through the redirect
    CGI. See cgi-bin/clwarn.cgi and the redirect configuration directive.
    recoverpath must be set to use this feature.

Backward compatibility with version 6 of squidclamav and existing
configuration files is fully preserved except for the obsolete 'squidguard'
directive that has been removed. Chained program using this directive is
no longer supported, use the 'url_rewrite_program' squid.conf directive
instead to call squidGuard or any other Url checker.

  - Pass generated name of the file saved by libarchive mode to recover
    the file through a link in the redirect CGI.
  - Remove obsolete code related to debug and squidguard directives.
  - Remove obsolete squidguard configuration directive.
  - Print less messages at DebugLevel 1 to only display essential messages.
    Remove support to chained program like squidguard using the squidguard
    directive. Use the 'url_rewrite_program' squid.conf directive instead.
  - Add multipart configuration directive to documentation.
  - Add libarchive support (link to recover file) in all CGI scripts.
  - Update documentation and copyrights.
  - Update autoconf/automake files.
  - SquidClamav has a default "ScanAllExcepted" behavior, that mean that
    everything is scanned except the exclusion set in abort, abortcontent
    and whitelist directives. With new directive scan_mode it is now
    possible to reverse the default behavior with mode "ScanNothingExcepted"
    which will scan nothing excepted what is defined in directive scan,
    scancontent and blacklist. Backward compatibility is fully preserved.
    Thanks to Andres Ofner for the feature request.
  - Add new configuration directives scan_mode, scan, scancontent and
  - Fix some compilation warning with libarchive support and improve multipart
    content-type code.
  - Add documentation about libarchive support.
  - Do not compile code for libarchive support if libarchive is not available
    to preserve backward compatibility.
  - Update autoconf and automake files.
  - Add support to libarchive to be able to exclude archives following their
    content. Thanks to Vieri Di Paola for the patch.
  - Send multipart content-type headers to clamav. Thanks to Paul Winkler for
    the patch.
  - Fix missing prefix for c-icap-config which affects systems where c-icap is
    not installed in the PATH. Thanks to Sebastian Weitzel for the patch.
  - Add debian folder. Thanks to Louis van Belle for the patch.
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@darold darold released this Aug 30, 2016

This release fixes a major bug with debugs macro that can have
bad side effects like printing an error after configuration reload
an possibly some other wrong behaviors.

  • Change log level of configuration reloading message.
  • Show line in configuration file that can not be parsed
    by add_pattern().
  • Enclose debugs macro to avoid misusage. Thanks to Denis Volpato
    Martins for the patch.
  • Fix Apache complain "AH01215: CGI::param called in list context
    from package main line 14, this can lead to vulnerabilities."
    Thanks to thctlo for the report.

Please upgrade asap.

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@darold darold released this Jan 18, 2016

2016-01-18 version 6.15

This release fix a major bug of a buffer overflow in squidclamav_safebrowsing()
and change the http response code in squidclamav redirection when a virus is

  • Update copyrights
  • Fix buffer overflow in squidclamav_safebrowsing(). Thanks to Stuart
    Henderson for the patch.
  • Change http response code 301 (move permanently) to 307 (temporary
    redirect) in squidclamav redirection when a virus is found. Thanks to
    Alexander Koch for the report.
  • Fix null url, client ip and username in safebrowsing report. Thanks to
    Claus Regelmann for the patch.
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Oct 17, 2015
Version 6.14
Dec 28, 2014
Version 6.12
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Version 6.11