Examples on how to show a BigBlueButton video stream in an html with a standalone flash player
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A simple HTML page to show a BigBlueButton video stream in a standalone Flash player.

Just open index.html and try it!


How to

When you open index.html and you will see 3 inputs you need to fill:

  • The name of your BigBlueButton server: use the domain or IP only, without the http part, for example: myserver.somewhere.com or
  • The internal meeting ID used by Red5. Something similar to 183f0bf3a0982a127bdb8161e0c44eb696b3e75c-1328884719999.
  • The internal video stream ID used by Red5. Something similar to 320x2401-1328884730777.

The hard part is to find the internal IDs. In Mconf we included it in the API, see https://github.com/mconf/wiki/wiki/Mconf-Live-API. On a BigBlueButton server you will have to look for this information in the log files.


In Flash Player's security model, Flash applications and SWF files on a local computer cannot access the network. So first you need disable this security option for the files in your local folder.

To do so, go to the Flash Security Panel and add your local folder to the list.