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Configuration files for emacs configuration.
Made to rails programmers
Changelog (2011/02/23):
- Command "C-c s" runs just one rspec example.
- Command "C-c t" toogles between spec and app files.
- Command "C-c i" indent a selected region of the file.
Changelog (2011/02/24):
- Added support to magit.
- See for instructions.
- Command "C-c g" opens a magit-status buffer.
Changelog (2011/07/15):
- Added feature-mode (for cucumber):
- Added coffee-mode (for coffeescript):
Changelog (2011/09/03):
- New version for yasnippets (0.6.1c):
- Command "C-c C-SPC" opens the drop-down menu to select a snippet.