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CS3216 Assignment 1


Application Name- “Hush”

Hosted at

Not all contributions have been put down here, for brevity’s sake, and not all can be tracked though GitHub. We’ve been using numerous services like Trello, Facebook, and [lots of] email to discuss & coordinate things.

Team members:

  • Michael Yong A0082877M
    • Development phase. Refer to github for exact contributions
    • Designing
  • Divyanshu Arora U096857U
    • Development phase. Refer to github for exact contributions
    • Server setup
  • Omer Iqbal A0074933Y
    • Development phase. Refer to github for exact contributions
  • Benjamin Xue A0073943Y
    • Design elements and user testings
  • LZ A0070890A
    • Idea generation and team coordination

Changes to idea Not too many. We’ve sort-of given in to integrating Facebook JS into our code after encountering far too many UX problems & technical impossibilities with their server-side offerings.

Server Admin, etc.

Restarting Node

  • ssh in as root
  • $ su - git to switch to git user
  • $ tmux attach -t hush to attach the tmux session that's running the node server
  • Since you're already the git user, execute $ ./ which does a bunch of things--
    • Reset hard to the HEAD
    • Pull in master from the barebones repository on the instance
    • Generate CSS afresh from the less
    • Restart node server & backgrounds it
  • IMPORTANT To finish off, detach the tmux session so that the server keeps running after you logout. To do this, press the following key sequence- "C-b d"
    • "C-b d" means pressing 'Ctrl' and 'b' together, and then the 'd' key
  • This will drop you back to the git user shell. Proceed to log out
  • While you're in, you can also execute the various rake jobs if needed. Look at the /srv/http/connections/Rakefile for the list of available automations. Things like generating documentations from the source code etc can be done this way.

Build Instructions.


  • nodejs
  • mongodb
  • redis

For search

  • elasticsearch
    • Lucene
  • mongodb-elasticsearch-river
    • mapper
  • Bunch of configuration crap to get it all working.

TL;DR--It's a shit load of configuration to get all of it working. Just test your search code against the live server, imo. In routes/index.js, instead of connecting to 'localhost', connect to '' (port 9200). Ask Div to open the port if it isn't accessible.


  • npm rebuild
  • have mongodb and redis running
  • node app.js (pass --noredis flag to use connect session store instead)

Going after the low-hanging automations

  • Make sure you've got rake installed (gem install rake)
  • $ rake will
    • Generate CSS files for the less files listed in Rakefile (Useful only in production)
    • Restart node if necessary. i.e., start up node if not running, or kill it and start over if it is already running.
  • $ rake generate_docs will generate documentation for the codebase. It generates an html page per source code file, under the ./docs/ directory, & maintains the dir structure of the source files.

Take note that this will kill all instances of node. Just coz.

Coding Convention

  • 2 spaces
  • {key: value}
    • Goes beyond just objects. For instance, function myAwesomeFunctionz(param1, param2, param3)
  • multiple var instead of commas

Stuff Used


  • Expressjs
  • Mongoose
  • Everyauth
  • Jade
  • Connect-Redis
  • Underscore
  • Async


  • Less
  • Requirejs
  • Backbonejs
  • Underscorejs
  • jQuery


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