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⚡️ A minimalist/simple Lightning Network mobile wallet.
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Pull Requests Welcome MIT license

📋 Contents

🔍 Introduction

C-simple is a basic and easy-to-use ("c-simple" means phonetically "it's easy !" in french) mobile and desktop interface to the C-lightning Lightning Network daemon. It uses an API hosted on top of the daemon and a mutual authentication with x509 certificates, to make a secure connection possible from a mobile application.
You can find the API code (made with RPyC) in the c-simple/ directory, and the application code (made with Kivy) int client/ directory. Both are entirely written in Python.

🚶 Getting started

C-simple is composed of two parts : an access point running on-top-of your node, and an application (a mobile one, most of the time). In order to initiate the connection between these two parts, the certificate (equivalent of a public key) of each side is uploaded to Pixeldrain. At the first start you will have to enter a code on the computer running the node, then another on the phone so that each device can download each other certificate from Pixeldrain. Here is now how to install each part :

💻 Node side

First method : with pip

Dependencies : python3, python3-venv.

python3 -m venv venv && . venv/bin/activate
python3 -m c-simple -i

Second method : from source

Dependencies : python3, python3-venv.

git clone && cd c-simple/c-simple/
python3 -m venv venv && . venv/bin/activate
python3 install
python3 -m csimple -i

📱 Client side

First method : from apk

Link to the play store, Link to the apk, link to the release.

Second method : build with Docker

You can build the apk yourself, but please note that it will take some time (and even more with Docker).

mkdir apk_dir
docker run --name c-simple-client --rm -v $PWD/apk_dir/:/opt/c-simple/client/bin darosior/c-simple-client:0.0.1 /bin/bash -c 'cd /opt/c-simple/client && make apk'

You will find the apk in apk_dir/.

Third method : build from source

The installation script will take care of dependencies if you are running a Debian OS (or a similar one) using the apt module. Only python3-apt is required under this conditions. If you are not running a Debian OS here is a list of dependencies : 'libzbar-dev', 'cmake', 'python3-pip', 'build-essential', 'git', 'python3', 'python3-dev', 'ffmpeg', 'libsdl2-dev', 'libsdl2-image-dev', 'libsdl2-mixer-dev', 'libsdl2-ttf-dev', 'libportmidi-dev', 'libswscale-dev', 'libavformat-dev', 'libavcodec-dev', 'zlib1g-dev', 'libgstreamer1.0-0', 'gstreamer1.0-plugins-base', 'gstreamer1.0-plugins-good', 'xclip', 'xsel'.

git clone && cd c-simple/client
make [all|apk|desktop]

🏃 More

The -i option is to listen on all interfaces.
You can specify a directory to store the certificates on the node with

python3 -m csimple -i --certdir /path/to/the/certdir

You can generate new certificates (you will need to reconnect the phone after that)

python3 -m csimple -i --new-certs

If you don't use the lightning home default directory, specify it with

python3 -m csimple -i --lightning-dir /path/to/lightning

More is yet to come..

📃 Licence, donations

If you are looking for a Lightning Network node to connect to : 02a447fd201226f0bf6421c356f9d2117b0fb05ccc0858dd2b20589b9edb488f67@

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