My toolkit for research analyses using climate/geophysical model output
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Daniel's Research Analysis Toolkit

This toolkit contains useful helper functions and methods for both analyzing and plotting climate model and other geospatial data. I've accumulated these functions over half a decade of active research work in meteorology and climate science; many of the methods here help automate a lot of the mundane things necessary to re-align your data for analyses, set up figures and plots, and much more. Nothing is particularly novel - for instance, I've spun off projects like experiment from this repository when they grew large and singular enough to stand alone.

Originally, this specific repository archived code for helping to analyze CESM/MARC output.

Toolkit Overview

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Because this package builds on several widely-available toolkits, a conda environment is provided via environment.yml to manage its Python dependencies. To install, execute from the shell

$ conda env create -f environment.yml

This will create a darpy environment separate from your normal Python installation. This environment should be activated whenever you wish to use the toolkit. Then, we recommend installing the actual darpy toolkit as an "editable" installation into the darpy environment:

$ source activate darpy
(darpy) $ pip install -e path/to/darpy

Python Dependencies

  • Python >= 3.5
  • cartopy >= 0.12 - visualization of maps and cartographic/geographic datasets
  • xarray >= 0.8.2 - package for manipulating structured data like NetCDF
  • seaborn - wrapper for matplotlib with fantastic aesthetic configuration and multi-factor plot analyses/layouts
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • scipy

and more

Other Dependencies