iOS Objective-C library for implementing dynamic forms.
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iOS Objective-C library for implementing dynamic forms.

DRFormsDemo screenshot 1

Library provides customizable form controller (based on UITableViewController) that can be connected to form data model object thanks to KVO. Form fields are represented by table view cells. There are three types of form fields defined out of the box:

  • Select
  • Detail
  • Text

Select fields representing a concrete value of given property. You can treat them like HTML radio buttons. Detail fields representing property and currently set value. Those fields can have custom actions defined (for example, you can show another form for choosing a value). Text fields contains UITextField and allows user to type string value for given property.

Each field can be dynamically connected to a property (by specifying observed object and its key path). Once a field is connected to given property it will observe it and update view immediately when property's value changes.

Creating a form is pretty simple, you just need to define form model (can be any object with public properties you would like to set using the form) and implement DRFormViewContollerDelegate protocol, that configures field types and their order. Library doesn't provide any UI for the form, you will have to build it using InterfaceBuilder (check out attached demo project for an example). You can customize provided fields by subclassing their classes or even create additional field types if you need.

Library provides nice workaround for setting custom table view cell heights using only InterfaceBuilder, so there is no extra coding required, cell heights on a device will be exactly the same as in InterfaceBuilder.


You can install the library using CocoaPods. To do so, you will need to add one of the following lines to your Podfile:

For stable release (recommended):

pod 'DRForms', '~> 1.0.9'

Which creates dependency for version >= 1.0.9 and < 1.1

For most recent or exact development version (not recommended on production):

pod 'DRForms', :git => '' :tag => 'VERSION_TAG'

Where VERSION_TAG you should put tag name for given version (ex. "v1.0.9"). It is recommended to set version explicity instead of using most recent version, as backward compatibility is not warranted.

You can also download zip archive of given release from releases page.


Public methods of the library are documented in-code. For detailed examples check out attached demo project.


Code in this project is available under the MIT license.


JosephH answer on StackOverflow for setting custom cell height in UITableView with dynamic cells, using only InterfaceBuilder