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SwiftUI Tabs View

Swift 5.5 platform iOS 15 | macOS 12.1

SwiftUI tabbed interface. Customizable replacement for SwiftUI.TabView.

iOS macOS
Example iOS app light modeExample iOS app dark mode Example macOS app light modeExample macOS app dark mode
  • Build with vanilla SwiftUI (no external dependencies).
  • Replaces SwiftUI.TabView.
  • Allows wide customization.
  • Supports light and dark mode.
  • Tabbar hides below the keyboard, like with vanilla SwiftUI.TabView.

▶️ Usage

Add as a dependecy to your project using Swift Package Manager.

Embed in your SwiftUI view:

import SwiftUITabsView

struct ContentView: View {
  var body: some View {
      tabs: /* [Tab]  */,
      selectedTab: /* Binding<Tab> */,
      barPosition: /* ToolbarPosition */,
      ignoresKeyboard: /* Bool */,
      frameChangeAnimation: /* Animation? */,
      tabsBar: /* @ViewBuilder @escaping ([Tab], Binding<Tab>) -> TabsBar */,
      content: /* @ViewBuilder @escaping (Tab) -> TabContent */

Check out documentation comments and the included example app.

If your tab's content view is embedded in NavigationView, use tabsBarSafeAreaInset modifier to apply safe area insets that matches the tabs bar:

  /* ... */
  content: { tab in 
    NavigationView {
      ContentView(for: tab)

🛠 Development

Open SwiftUITabsView.xcworkspace in Xcode (≥13.1) for development.

Use ExampleApp-iOS scheme to build and run the iOS example application.

Use ExampleApp-macOS scheme to build and run the macOS example application.

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📄 License

Copyright © 2022 Dariusz Rybicki Darrarski

License: MIT