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Bridges of Portland Vector Renderings

This repository contains vector renderings of the bridges of Portland, Oregon. I haven't completed all of the bridges yet, only these:

  • Burnside Bridge
  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • Marquam Bridge
  • Morrisson Bridge
  • Tilikum Crossing
  • Ross Island Bridge
  • Steel Bridge

Most are closely based on the renderings contained in the Library of Congress's Historic American Engineering Record collection, though they are not an exact tracing of such.

You can find the originals at the LOC

The Tilikum Crossing image is drawn from the engineering diagrams available on Trimet's Bridge pages.

The original .ai file is included, as are SVG renderings of each bridge. I've done my best to keep them at the same relative scale, as they are in the orignals, but it's entirely possible I botched it. SVG files are exported from Illustrator, in SVG 1.1 format. Please let me know if you have trouble reading them.

If you use these works, please give credit to me and to the HAER.

The original HAER drawings are in the public domain.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit


SVG renderings of the Bridges of Portland, Oregon



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