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( Replaced by ) Web API Message Handler that routes requests based on URI segments

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Api Router

This message handler is an an alternative to using MVC Routes in a Web API project to route requests to controllers.

Routers are created at service initialization time in a hierarchy that matches the URI space of the API and controllers are attached to routers in the hierarchy.

Basic usage:

To handle the root path / you just need to create a router and connect a controller to it.

    new ApiRouter("").To<RootController>();

To create a route with a child path segment, simply call Add with a child router. e.g.

    new ApiRouter("")
        .Add(new ApiRouter("search").To<SearchController>());

This approach works but matching parenthesis can be come a pain with large hierarchies so there is an overload that takes the segment template and a lambda that will configure the child ApiRouter.

    new ApiRouter("")
        .Add("search", childrouter => childrouter.To<SearchController>());

This will handle requests to /search to the SearchController.

To use the router, simply add it to the MessageHandlers collection. Here is how you would do it in a Self Host scenario:

    static void Main(string[] args)
        var baseurl = new Uri("http://localhost:9000/");
        var config = new HttpSelfHostConfiguration(baseurl);

        var router = new ApiRouter("foo");

        var host = new HttpSelfHostServer(config);

        Console.WriteLine("Host open.  Hit enter to exit...");



With Web Host you need at least one MVC route to cause the Message handler pipeline to be processed. Check out the sample to see how it is done.

For a more complex example, see the GitHubApiRouter class.

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