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base fork: darrenaustin/4clojure
base: e452d42cab
head fork: darrenaustin/4clojure
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Commits on Sep 20, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' 4a2cef0
Commits on Sep 24, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.3.2' 08aa61f
Commits on Sep 25, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.3.3' 5383458
Commits on Sep 29, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'feature/followbox' into develop f0b263f
@amalloy amalloy Fix ranking 24b1716
Commits on Sep 30, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Version number de7dcac
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.0' 5eee06d
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.0' into develop 5b86579
@amalloy amalloy Allow different behavior per hostname 4ef7b4e
@amalloy amalloy Version number b11820f
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.1' e6342a6
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.1' into develop 6f20d46
@amalloy amalloy Only use compojure 'site' for dynamic route; it's got cookies and stuff bf7e1f9
@amalloy amalloy Fix wrap-versioned-expiry.
It was never returning nil, even if it couldn't find the file.
@amalloy amalloy Version number 2580db5
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.2' 6fca15d
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.2' into develop 611e296
@darrenaustin Finished the work for adding the "following" checkboxes to the users …
…page. (Issue 117)

- In the case where the user has javascript disabled, we fall back to
just showing a "yes" in the following column instead of the checkbox.
- Optimized checking to see if a user was being followed by making the
following vector into a set.
- Hooked up the "Follow" buttons on the user profile page to use AJAX
instead of another page load (which also fixes the back button issue
with this).
@darrenaustin Switched the way we were detecting JS for the users page follow check…
@darrenaustin Added the user's solution to the top of the solutions page
To make comparisons with other people's solutions easier this code adds
the user's solution to the top of the Solutions page.  I also cleaned
up some of the visuals for this page as well.
Commits on Oct 01, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Display tag instead of SHA on version page ddc4b0f
@amcnamara amcnamara Pulled in small style fixes to user list 37e4f72
@amcnamara amcnamara Small style change to solutions page. d9bfe8f
@amalloy amalloy Version number 07e8899
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.3' 27c60d3
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/1.4.3' into develop 4e2be24
@amalloy amalloy Fix misconfigured data-table 9dd3783
@amalloy amalloy Version number f0e21f6
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' 04d857c
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop f5689fc
@amalloy amalloy Version number bcd30cf
@amalloy amalloy Fix some urls to use new static domain c1f8a65
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' f46bd4a
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop 29a44ee
@amalloy amalloy Version number again f453ef7
@amalloy amalloy Wrong static url in use when img-builder has a src transform 364668b
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' 9825edf
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop d4ba658
@amalloy amalloy Oops, don't wrap-debug 90e96a9
@amalloy amalloy Make sure the javascript sets img URLs that are in the static domain 9a1de8d
@amalloy amalloy Version number 8878049
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/' 207e75e
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'release/' into develop f579455
@amcnamara amcnamara added @darrenaustin to contributors a607b18
@amcnamara amcnamara Resized logo. Closes #136, closes #138. f5a6351
@amalloy amalloy Bump version for hotfix 0f79925
Commits on Oct 02, 2011
@amalloy amalloy Depend on commons-lang f2dc130
@amalloy amalloy Escape user html before including it c4a3718
@amalloy amalloy Drop leading slashes on static links
The static-url generator adds those automatically.
@amalloy amalloy Emacs fixed some whitespace while I was working eece24a
@amalloy amalloy Improve messaging a little 2b3b9a5
@amalloy amalloy Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop e5e1288
@amalloy amalloy Add an API for accessing total-solved-count 6bb9ee9
@amalloy amalloy Pull a few pieces out of utils.clj
Functionality is now in ring-utils and version-utils.
@amalloy amalloy First draft on gravatars.
Top Users page looks all right, but surely can be improved.
Profile page looks an absolute mess, and I'm out of my depth in
CSS. Can someone (@gigasquid, @amcnamara?) have a look?
@darrenaustin Cleaned up the appearance of the gravatars on the profile and top use…
…rs pages
@darrenaustin Fixed sorting on the user names with gravatars next to them. 1d113ee
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