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(ns dma.euler.p096)
(defn cross [A B f]
(for [a A b B] (str a b)))
(def digits "123456789")
(def rows "ABCDEFGHI")
(def cols digits)
(def squares (cross rows cols))
;(def cols (for [y ds] (for [x ds] [x y])))
;(def rows (for [y ds] (for [x ds] [y x])))
;(def boxes (for [by (range 3) bx (range 3)]
; (for [y (range 3) x (range 3)]
; [(+ (* bx 3) x) (+ (* by 3) y)])))
;(def groups (concat cols rows boxes))
(defn read-puzzles []
(map (fn [board-data]
(vec (map #(vec (replace {\0 nil} %)) (rest board-data))))
(partition 10 (.split (slurp "data/sudoku.txt") "\n"))))
(defn print-puzzle [puzzle]
(let [row-divider "+-------+-------+-------+"]
(doseq [y (range 9)]
(when (zero? (rem y 3))
(println row-divider))
(println (apply format "| %s %s %s | %s %s %s | %s %s %s |"
(map #(or % \space) (puzzle y)))))
(println row-divider)))
(defn solution {:answer 24702} []
(let [puzzles (read-puzzles)]
(print-puzzle (first puzzles))))
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