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(ns dma.euler.p111
(:use dma.euler.numeric dma.euler.primes))
(defn n-digit-primes [n]
(let [max (exp 10 n)
min (exp 10 (dec n))]
(take-between min max (primes))))
(defn repeating-digits [n]
(let [repeats (group-by identity (digits n))]
(reduce (fn [m k]
(let [num (count (m k))]
(if (< 1 num)
(assoc m k num)
(dissoc m k))))
repeats (keys repeats))))
(defn update-max-digit-map [m n]
(let [repeat-digits (repeating-digits n)]
(reduce (fn [m [digit repeats]]
(let [max-repeats (get-in m [digit :max] 0)]
(cond (< repeats max-repeats) m
(= repeats max-repeats) (update-in m [digit :sum] + n)
:else (assoc m digit {:max repeats :sum n}))))
m repeat-digits)))
(defn solution {:answer nil} []
(let [max-digit-map (reduce update-max-digit-map {} (n-digit-primes 10))]
(sum (map #(get-in max-digit-map [% :sum]) (range 10)))))
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