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@@ -18,6 +18,25 @@ problems yourself, looking at my solutions may spoil it for you. Feel
free to use these solutions if you wish... only cheating yourself,
blah, blah.
+## Usage
+Currently this project requires Clojure 1.2. I will update it to 1.3
+sometime soon. I use `lein swank` to get a REPL up and running with the
+right environment setup. To run the solutions:
+ user> (use 'dma.euler)
+ user> (euler)
+This will run all of the solutions giving the result, whether it was correct
+and how long it took (with a warning if it was over a minute... gotta keep
+myself honest :).
+You can also run just a specific problem by giving the problem number
+to the `euler` function:
+ user> (euler 42)
## Problems to migrate from Ruby project
I originally started with Project Euler as a way to learn Ruby. I

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