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A simple Garmin Connect IQ unified data field for the Forerunner 230/235/630/735XT showing various information you might need out on your run:

The top 4 fields allow you to select from: distance, current pace, lap pace[*], average pace, heart rate, average heart rate, cadence, and average cadence. The bottom field shows either the timer or total time (i.e. pauses ignored), with the option to additionally see time-of-day and battery percent.

All fonts are deliberately large enough to read while out running (for me at least). The background colours are customisable in a way that I find helps visibility and looks better with the backlight.

[*] Garmin doesn't provide access to lap pace so I calculate it based on a user-specified recurring lap distance. This may or may not match the lap/interval alerts you have set on your watch. There's currently no way for Snapshot to know that information unfortunately.

A special thanks to dmuino/HMFields, from whom i borrowed various snippets of CIQ code: