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Tickertape Retro Display library. A wrapper for the Adafruit LED Segment display library, to treat the whole display as a single device.
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Wrapper for the Adafruit LED Segment display library, to treat the display as a single multiple character display. Adding scrolling text features, loading spinners.

The wrapper was created for the Tickertap Retro Display

Designed specifically to work with the Tickertape Retro Display

These displays use I2C to communicate, 2 pins are required to interface.

This library is a wrapper of the AdaFriut LED Backbackpack and GFX libraries:

The Adafruit Backpack library dosnt support the '.' full stop, and I didnt like some of their font choices for the number digits, so I have created a modified version:


This library is used in my Retro LED display project:

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