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Speedwagon is an experimental developer centric blogging tool written in .NET core.
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Speedwagon is an experimental developer centric blogging tool written in .NET core.

This is just an expeirment, it isn't particularly production ready.

About Speedwagon

Goals and objectives are:

  • Database Free
  • Non pescriptive - in terms of JS CSS, frameworks
  • Highly/Easily Scalable
  • Simple content deployments (using flat files)
  • Easy content and configuration versioning


This is a port of the .NET project I wrote and blogged about a few years back. It had been ported to .NET core and has a very basic UI for editing content and content types - with the goal of making it easy to develop a blog platform that .NET develops find easy to spin up and work with.

What this allows you to do

  • Easily add content management to a .NET core app
  • Separate the runtime and content editing parts of the application
  • Manage content and content type configuration in a UI or on the filesystem
  • Version content and configuration using GIT or similar
  • Easily add custom editors (fields in which you add content)
  • Low barrier to entry - use the client side dependencies of your choice

Getting started

After cloning the repository

  • Change into the SpeedWagon.Web.UI
  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp build
  • Run the SpeedWagon.Web.UI from within Visual Studio


I'm happy to add more documentation - just raise an issue here.

I'll hopefully get around to adding some demos, screencast soon.

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