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Chrome extension for showing how much time is passing.
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Epoch - New Chrome Tab Extension.


I wanted to be reminded how much time is passing everytime I opened a new tab. I made this with Flexbox and vanilla javascript. I created the earth and moon svg's with Sketch. I'm delighted to say that this is being used by real users in the Chrome Webstore.

Tech Stack

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Flexbox
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • SVG made with Sketch App

What I Learned

This was a fun project because it held quite a few firsts for me:

  • First original vector image I've ever created
  • First time I've animated a vector image
  • First use of Flexbox in a production project
  • First new tab Chrome extension I've ever made
  • First Chrome extension I've ever published

Feedback or suggestions?

View in Chrome Webstore here.

Reach out to me on Twitter, I'd love to hear from you :)

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