Visual Studio extension that adds a little bit of support for sass/scss
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Unfortunately, I don't have access to VS2012 anymore so I can't really contribute any improvements unless I can find a maintainer.


SassyStudio provides a small amount of integration with Visual Studio to the experience using Sass / SCSS a bit friendlier. Here's what we provide so far:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Outlining
  • Generate css file on save
  • Multiline Comments
  • Intellisense completion support for variables, functions, mixins, and keywords
  • Intellisense completion support for CSS syntax

In the near future I am planning to add support for the following (assuming VS/Web team doesn't add it first):

  • Error integration

You can grab the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery

If you are curious about what's coming next you can take a look at the road map for the project.