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  app_swift - A Cepstral Swift TTS engine interface

  Copyright (C) 2006-2012 - Darren Sessions
  Portions Copyright (C) 2012, Cepstral LLC.
  Portions Copyright (C) 2013-2014 - Jeremy Kister

  All rights reserved.

  Bug reports, comments, or otherwise can be 
  directed to me at I 
  welcome any feedback or questions.


  Visit me on the web, at

  This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
  the GNU General Public License Version 2. Read the LICENSE
  file for details.


        Provides a direct interface into the Cepstral
        text-to-speech engine for Asterisk eliminating
        the need to write audio output files to the 
        filesystem and then stream them back out.

        Also provides multi-digit dtmf recognition with
        a max digits and a wait-for-digit timer very 
        simular to the AGI 'get data' command.


        - Asterisk development header files
        - Cepstral Swift Text-to-Speech engine (version 5 or 6)

        - Check that the swift libraries are in your ld path
          * on debian, run: echo -e "\n/opt/swift/lib\n" >> /etc/ && ldconfig
        - On some distributions you made need to copy asterisk.h to /usr/include

        ./configure [options]
        make install (as root)
        make reload (as root)


        Type "core show application swift" at the Asterisk CLI prompt.

        in extensions.conf:
        exten => s,1,Answer
        exten => s,n,Swift(This is cepstral talking in the default voice from swift.conf)
        exten => s,n,Set(SWIFT_VOICE=Callie-8kHz)
        exten => s,n,Swift(This is cepstral talking in the Callie voice)
        exten => s,n,Swift(Please enter three digits,5000,3)
        exten => s,n,Swift(You entered ${SWIFT_DTMF}.  Goodbye)
        exten => s,n,Hangup

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