Chef cookbook to install Hashicorp's Consul on Ubuntu 12.04LTS and 14.04LTS.
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consul Cookbook



Ubuntu 12.04LTS, 14.04LTS.




default['consul']['filename'] = ''
default['consul']['url'] = "{default['consul']['filename']}"
default['consul']['checksum'] = '80912eb136acf5ac6ba77284138e4536cd1289870f202ed17ed67bbf2c6b630c'
default['consul']['tmp'] = "/tmp/#{default['consul']['filename']}"
default['consul']['destination'] = '/usr/local/bin/consul'

default['consul']['config_path'] = '/etc/consul'
default['consul']['config_d_dir'] = '/etc/consul/config.d'
default['consul']['data_dir'] = '/var/cache/consul'

default['consul']['config_file_path'] = "#{node['consul']['config_path']}/config.json"

default['consul']['datacenter'] = 'dc1'
default['consul']['log_level'] = 'INFO'
default['consul']['node_name'] = 'consul-random-name'
default['consul']['bind_addr'] = ''
default['consul']['advertise_addr'] = '' # Change me.
default['consul']['domain'] = 'consul.'
default['consul']['encrypt'] = 'p4T1eTQtKji/Df3VrMMLzg==' # Change me.
default['consul']['recursor'] = ''
default['consul']['server'] = true
default['consul']['bootstrap'] = true
default['consul']['start_join'] = ['']

# These are disabled by default.

default['consul']['key_file'] = "#{node['consul']['config_path']}/key.key"
default['consul']['cert_file'] = "#{node['consul']['config_path']}/cert.crt"
default['consul']['ca_file'] = "#{node['consul']['config_path']}/ca.key"
default['consul']['verify_outgoing'] = true
default['consul']['verify_incoming'] = true



Installs Hashicorp's Consul on Ubuntu 12.04LTS or Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

To test a Consul cluster, grab my consul vagrant repo and follow the instructions. Easiest way yet to get a Consul cluster going.

Packer Build

In order to build an Amazon AMI, DigitalOcean Droplet, Google Compute or Rackspace OpenStack image, you will need accounts for each. Export these values to get Packer to honor them automatically:

# Rackspace
export SDK_USERNAME="username"  # Same as here:
export SDK_PASSWORD="password-to-login" # Not the API key.
export SDK_PROVIDER="rackspace-us" # Or rackspace-uk

# EC2 - can be found here:
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY="long-random-string"
export AWS_SECRET_KEY="another-even-longer-long-random-string"

# Digital Ocean - get these here:
export DIGITALOCEAN_CLIENT_ID="long-random-string"
export DIGITALOCEAN_API_KEY="another-long-random-string"

Building images with Google Compute requires more setup than just a few ENV vars. Once you setup your GCE account and enable billing, take a look here and here for additional Packer specific information.


Build Status

The cookbook provides the following Rake tasks:

rake build                        # Syntax check and build all Packer targets
rake build_ami                    # Syntax check and build AMI
rake build_droplet                # Syntax check and build Droplet
rake build_gce                    # Syntax check and build Google Compute Image
rake build_openstack              # Syntax check and build Openstack Image
rake build_vagrant                # Syntax check and build Vagrant box
rake cleanup_vendor               # Cleanup Vendor directory
rake convert_gce                  # Convert GCE key to pem format
rake food_extra                   # Run extra Foodcritic rulesets
rake integration                  # Alias for kitchen:all
rake kitchen:all                  # Run all test instances
rake kitchen:default-ubuntu-1204  # Run default-ubuntu-1204 test instance
rake kitchen:default-ubuntu-1304  # Run default-ubuntu-1304 test instance
rake kitchen:default-ubuntu-1310  # Run default-ubuntu-1310 test instance
rake lint                         # Lint Chef cookbooks
rake rubocop                      # Run rubocop tests
rake spec                         # Run ChefSpec examples
rake tailor                       # Run tailor tests
rake taste                        # Run taste tests
rake test                         # Run all tests

License and Author

Author:: Darron Froese (

Copyright:: 2014, Darron Froese

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


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