Small application to test functionality of WifiLock and WakeLock on Android
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Small application to test functionality of WifiLock and WakeLock on Android

EMDK Dependency

Application will run on both Zebra and non-Zebra Android devices. When running on Zebra devices the application will take advantage of MX to enable or disable battery optimizations via buttons on the UI. This does require:

This only affects the bottom two buttons on the UI which refer to controlling BatteryOptimizations via MX

Repository includes a small python 3 server to receive posts from the application


Determine current wake / wifi locks in effect as follows:

adb shell dumpsys power
adb shell dumpsys wifi

Optionally, force the device power state to idle as follows:

adb shell dumpsys battery unplug
adb shell dumpsys deviceidle force-idle
(verify with) adb shell dumpsys deviceidle (& observe mState)


  • Uncomment the annotated line in onCreate() to create a separate wake lock on launch
  • Tested on TC51
  • Would never pass PlayStore criteria as includes ACTION_REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS
  • Make sure nothing else on your device holds wake locks before running tests
  • Zebra devices also have additional settings to keep wifi on during standby (under advanced WiFi settings)