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var motio = new Motio( frame [, options ] );

This will create a new Motio object, ready to be used. By default, everything is turned off, so calling the Motio with all default options will leave you with a dead FRAME that doesn't do anything.

New Motio object is also paused, so if you want to immediately start the animation, you have to call the .play() method afterwards.

The list & documentation of all methods available can be found in the Methods documentation page.


Type: Element

DOM element of an object with animation background. Example:

var motio = new Motio(document.getElementById('frame')); // Native
var motio = new Motio($('#frame')[0]); // With jQuery


Type: Object

Object with Motio options. All options are documented in the Options Wiki page.

Calling via jQuery plugin

$('#frame').motio( [ options ] );

Initiating motio via a jQuery plugin automatically starts the animation, so you don't have to call the .play() method afterwards. You can disable this with startPaused option.