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Sly parallax mode provides a great interface into which you can chain your parallax animation frame renderer. You can effortlessly utilize a lot of Sly's features, like animation easing functions, mouse/touch dragging, mouse wheel scrolling, scrollbar rendering, optimized requestAnimationFrame based animation rendering, ... and focus only on writing a function that will render one frame of your screen.


You initiate parallax mode by passing an integer specifying the top scroll value as the first argument:

var parallax = new Sly(10000, options);


You'll generally want to bind your animation renderer to the move event. This event is directly chained to the requestAnimationFrame, and triggered on every animation frame when something is in motion, like user is scrolling, or dragging the handle or content.

// Create a new Sly object in parallax mode
var parallax = new Sly(10000, {
	scrollSource: document, // Binds scroll listeners to `document`
	scrollBy: 100, // Scroll by 100 per `mousewheel` event

	dragSource: document, // Binds dragging listeners to `document`
	mouseDragging: 1, // Enables dragging by mouse
	touchDragging: 1, // Enables dragging by touch
	releaseSwing: 1,  // Enables release swing easing

	scrollBar: '#scrollbar', // Attaches a scroll bar

	speed: 600, // Duration based (tweening) animations speed in milliseconds
	easing: 'easeOutExpo' // Tweening animations easing function

// Register an animation renderer
parallax.on('load move', renderFrame);

// Initiate the Sly object

The renderFrame function receives the Sly object as its this value that you use to access the position object, which is all you need to render one frame:

function renderFrame(eventName) {
	this.pos.start; // Start position: `0`
	this.pos.cur; // Current position
	this.pos.dest; // In animation, this is the destination position
	this.pos.end; // End position: `10000` in this example
	// ... and now do something with it

Parallax mode example

Features disabled in parallax mode

  • Item navigation (duh).
  • Paging and pages bar.
  • Animated cycling.
  • Dynamic scrollbar handle.