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Python tool which scours popular CI tools build logs
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Build Scour PyPI version

Scours CI Build logs for github Organizations/Users


  • NOTE: please Set github oauth token in environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN
 export GITHUB_TOKEN=[oauth token]

Use PyPi Package:

pip install BuildScour
python -m BuildScour [-h] [-l LINK] [-v] [-A] [--log LOG] [-o OUTPUT]

Use from Source:

git clone && cd BuildScour
python [-h] [-l LINK] [-v] [-A] [--log LOG] [-o OUTPUT]

Detailed Usage

usage: BuildScour [-h] [-l LINK] [-v] [-A] [--log LOG] [-o OUTPUT]

Scour CI Build Logs

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -l LINK     organizations github handle
  -v          Show verbose output
  -A          Scan organizations peoples profile too
  --log LOG   store output in file
  -o OUTPUT   stores retrived log files in folder

Example Usage

To Scour RocketChat's github repositories:

python -l RocketChat -A -o ./BuildLogs/ --log rocket.log
python -m RocketChat -A -o ./BuildLogs/ --log rocket.log

What next ?

After getting saving all the logs locally, you can analyze the logs manually or use grep to find sensitive information. There are a couple of word lists containing common environment variables containing API keys and passwords in the Keywords folder.

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