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A benchmark suite for Dart
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Ton 80

Ton 80 is a benchmark suite for Dart.

In it's current setup, the Ton80 benchmark suite is easy to run and profile from the command line. When adding new benchmarks to the suite, please use the existing harness and help us make sure we can continue to easily run and profile from the command line.

You can run Ton80 using bin/ton80.dart. It has the following usage:
dart ton80.dart [OPTION]... [BENCHMARK]

The following values are valid for [OPTION]:

--js: Path to JavaScript runner (this probably needs to be set)
--dart: Path to Dart runner
--wrk: Path to wrk benchmarking tool


We're happy to review Pull Requests that fix bugs in benchmark implementations.

We're intentionally keeping the list of benchmarks small. We especially want to avoid micro-benchmarks. If you have a good idea for a benchmark, please open a new issue first. Our team will respond to discuss the benchmark.

Before contributed code can be merged, the author must first sign the Google CLA.

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