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This repo contains the source code for the main Dartino website available at

Configuration instructions needed to make and verify edits

  1. Check that you have Ruby (Mac’s already have this):
    ruby --version

  2. We will be running everything inside bundler -- install it:
    sudo gem install bundler

  3. Initialize bundler:
    bundle install

  4. Install the Firebase CLI:
    npm install -g firebase-tools (details)

Making changes

Editing pages

The site source code is in markdown, from which the site html is generated. Edit the .md files to make changes (e.g., edit to make a change to index.html).

Note that URLs are automatically prettified so that becomes /foo/, and /guides/ becomes /guides/compile/.

Validating changes

Ask Jekyll to generate the site and host it locally: bundle exec jekyll serve

View the site in the browser: http://localhost:4000

Run automatic validation to check that all links etc. work:

bundle exec jekyll build
bundle exec htmlproofer _site

Publishing changes

The site is automatically deployed to Firebase hosting whenever new files are pushed to Github in the master branch. If you want to edit but not deploy, push your changes to a branch, and then merge to master when you are ready to deploy.

The Travis CI job performs the following tasks:

  1. Builds the site:
    bundle exec jekyll build

  2. Checks links (openweathermap is skipped as it fails due to throttling when called from Travis):
    bundle exec htmlproofer _site --url-ignore

  3. Deploys to Firebase:
    firebase deploy

Deployment status -

You can check the Firebase deployment status on the Firebase admin page: http://go/dartino-firebase-admin