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Fast and productive web framework provided by Dart
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.github chore(Repo): fix issue template typos Jun 8, 2018
_benchmarks Update pubspecs and CHANGELOGs for 6.0.0-alpha+1 Jul 24, 2019
_goldens Update //third_party/dart_lang/v2 and macos_sdk to 2662e167739f12cafb… Oct 29, 2019
_tests Stop using DartType.toString() for code generation. Oct 29, 2019
angular Remove some private typedefs Oct 29, 2019
angular_analyzer_plugin Stop using ParameterizedType.instantiate() in plugin. Oct 29, 2019
angular_ast Automated g4 rollback of changelist 269459427. Oct 29, 2019
angular_compiler Remove some private typedefs Oct 29, 2019
angular_forms Update the direct links from the ng_model.dart class. Oct 29, 2019
angular_info Implements's bzl aspect and rule. Introduces the May 21, 2019
angular_router Add repository field to pubspecs. Jul 24, 2019
angular_test Ensure error thrown from a future event in a component constructor ca… Oct 29, 2019
dev Fix travis by using headless chrome Aug 9, 2019
doc Fix a couple of typos. Oct 29, 2019
examples Clear component styles and destroy application on DDC hot restart Oct 29, 2019
tool Roll testing infra Mar 12, 2019
.gitignore chore(Examples): update HNPWA cache timestamp Feb 20, 2019
.travis.yml Change travis from `dev` to `stable` for now. Oct 29, 2019
AUTHORS Project import generated by Copybara. Jun 28, 2017 chore(Examples): Replace `hello_world` with `hello_world_no_reflector`. Apr 10, 2018 Fix logo in README Oct 29, 2019
analysis_options.yaml Enable plugin in angular repo Jun 17, 2019
appveyor.yml Add a single package as a sniff test for Windows (AppVeyor). Mar 19, 2018
pubspec.yaml Update pubspecs and CHANGELOGs for 6.0.0-alpha+1 Jul 24, 2019

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AngularDart is a productive web application framework that powers some of Google's most critical applications. It's built on Dart and used extensively by Google AdWords, AdSense, Fiber, and many more projects.

Built with AngularDart

New to AngularDart?

Ramp up quickly with our docs, codelabs, and examples:

  • Go to Get Started for a quick introduction to creating and running AngularDart web apps.

  • Follow the AngularDart tutorial to build a fully working application that includes routing, HTTP networking, and more.

You may also be interested in other codelabs and a set of community contributed tutorials.


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